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getting in touch with RCC (for any reason) September 25, 2009

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For any queries or requests please get in touch with RCC’s Director Pierre Kayitana on:

Thank you for the support!!!!


US Tour: Follow up October 22, 2008

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Sholastic Kids Summit

Sholastic Kids Gorilla Summit

News from L.A and beyond!

This is one of my most successful trips to the US.
So far I have been to New York, Michigan, Chicago Minnesota, and Las Vegas and now I am in Los Angeles!

Upon good discussions with TRIBECA, there have finally been reinforcements in the plans to create the first film Lab that links our organizations, a move that has the full support of our government. These happenings place took place in the presence of Jane Rosenthal and Craig at an event that served to honor the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.  The guest list at this event bore names such as: Robert De Niro, Whoopi Goldberg, Kimiko from Quincy Jones Productions, Minister Joseph Habineza and a few other top executives from the business and
entertainment industry. This was truly a star studded night.

Our President, Kagame set upon briefly explaining Rwanda’s tremendous progress. He talked about the way that little and simple things make big changes in people’s lives in Rwanda today, the challenges ahead, East Africa federation opportunities and the countries potential…
By this time, the idea of our exchange program, TRIBECA, Rwanda Cinema Centre with the follow up of the Scholastic Press Corsp who had come to Rwanda had made a huge difference during the Gorilla Summit at Scholastic.

Further more it has been a week of meetings and seeking possible ways for Rwanda to collaborate with other companies (BET included). In Michigan, I visited Hope College where we formed a possible link with RCC. Students from the College may be coming to Rwanda to learn about our experience in return for some of our bright young ones to visit them and learn more about television and film. The college is well respected and some of their students have already visited Rwanda this year (they visited a children’s village founded by Floriane Nibakure).
From Michigan, we drove to Chicago… I loved Chicago!  It is a great city.
As we drove around from places to places, I was writing on, my comedy feature movie, Dudu goes to the World Cup. A very inspiring movie I must say, something to be enjoyed during the 2010 World Cup, so watch this space!

While in Minnesota I spent 3 days writing then headed to Las Vegas where I met with Grace, one of our board members at the Rwanda Cinema Centre in the US. Grace took us to see Circle Du Soleil, a show full of beautiful mystery! Wow, what a production that was, a must see for every one!  Here, 3 nights too were spent writing.
Next stop Los Angeles! My city, the city of cars and traffic, that I never seize love. The weather is like Africa’s!  So anyways there I was, Hillywood in Hollywood, attending meeting after meeting! I visited the Saddle Back Church, Larry Dean drove me to Orange County (almost 2 hours from L.A) a delicious drive it was, beautiful but exhausting! The next day, I had to meet the board and supporters of RCC: Monica, Phil, Jon and Amy. We had a great dinner and exchanged ideas, one of them being that we need to get some one to help RCC fundraise and mobilize at a greater level. The following day, Sunday I joined Phil and Monica at their house for a ‘movie night’, they had Super Blue-Ray technology Cinema! Exclusive, on the Carte was the film The visitor, a great film that was! Definitely needs to be checked out. Even more, before the film we were entertained with food and wine and a live concert by Bruce Springstein, the more reason to have a movie theatre back home, (the Rwanda Cinema Centre movie hall perhaps?!)

Monday the next day, more meetings took place. We met with the Academy of Motion Pictures, as they are interested in working with us. They plan to bring top American filmmakers to carry out training at the Centre. The Shoah Foundation plans to have Rwanda Cinema Centre as the
focal point for their training of videographers who will be asked to record the testimonies of Genocide survivors. Sundance is keen to have an exchange program with Rwanda Cinema Centre too. Dudu goes to the World Cup is set to be the first comedy script out of Africa into the Lab. Last but not least, the biggest achievement is and will be to have Morrison and Forester act as our legal council (part of this journey is helping us to get some of our legal work done). As an excellent last touch, Jane Kagon and Ed Greenberg also opened doors for us in that we met
high profile lawyer Kelly Crabb at Morrisson. Crabb gave us few minutes of his precious time to illustrate the happenings at the Rwanda Cinema Centre and our achievements.

As for now, I plan to go to Utah to investigate the shipping of the screens to Rwanda, and surprise surprise, to continue writing!

Keep tracking this progress, may be the next person to open doors; will be you!

Thanks for being part of the Journey so far!


Slide Shows of the Beauty of Rwanda and the People. October 21, 2008

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In the States/ Progress for RCC/ Iseta film for Sundance 2009 October 19, 2008

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ISETA: The Road Block

A film by

Juan Rein


Eric Kabera


During April 1994, on quiet road in Kigali a group of neighbors in Rwanda were filmed.  This was the opening days of the Rwandan Genocide, and even though almost one million people were slaughtered, remarkably there is only one known segment of footage showing any actual killing.

This movie is about the extraordinary journey of that evidence as the original photographer returns to Rwanda, revisiting the people and events that he by chance caught on film.  As the footage returns to the community, friends and family relive the tragic events as they work with the photographer to identify the victims, and then eventually the killers.


The film discovers a witnesses, a school master who survived because his ethnicity was written wrongly on his ID card as he stood with the killers at the roadblock, helpless; the mother of a victim hiding in the house, just
feet away, waiting endless minutes to be told her daughter is finally dead; the brother beaten senseless and lying in the ditch told kindly by his
friend, “let me beat you, but I will not kill you” while his sister dies beside
him; the looter who removed the doors from the victims houses as they were left
to die – and most remarkably, the wife of the killer, who secretly carried two babies through the front line to save them before returning to her murderous husband.

Finally the search for the killers leads to the local court where on the last day a new arrest brings in the laughing militia leader and killer, caught on camera beating his neighbors to death.





Eric Kabera



Rwanda Women Celebrating Achievements-2007

Rwanda Renaissance -2006

Rwanda Re-united :A video focusing on the reconstruction and building of Rwanda /1998-99

Producer,100 DAYS movie : A feature film recounting days ensuing the start of Genocide on Rwanda/ 1999

Producer, Changing Times in Challenging Times. (Avega)\ 1997

Producer /Director, Kist at a Glance: A documentary highlighting the introduction of ICT in Rwanda through Kist/ 2000

Producer, KIST Towards a Brighter Future: A documentary highlighting the progress of Kist in the last 5 years since its commencement/ 2003

Producer, Ramp Historia :A Swedish TV youth Program that reflects on history through the eyes of the youth. /2003

Field Producer, Keepers of Memory, a documentary commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Genocide in Rwanda. /2004

Producer / Director, Through my Eyes,

in collaboration with the Rwanda Cinema Centre (RCC): A documentary film on Rwandan youth reflecting on their past, present and future perspectives./2004



Vivid Features

co producer

Nick Hughes

Director of photography



Nick Hughes (b. 1961, London) graduated in electrical engineering from Bristol University, but beginning in 1989 worked as a cameraman in Africa (mainly for the BBC). He captured events in Ethiopia, Somalia, Congo, and Afghanistan and, of course, in Rwanda. In this way he participated in the making of fifty documentaries, but was also openly involved in various operations connected with African armed conflicts.

As a director he made the television drama Ndoto ya Daudi (1993), the documentaries Provence (1995), and Big Fish, Small Fry (1996) and the feature 100 Days (2001).

He has also shot commercials (Colgate, Mercedes, Tetra Pak, and Raid). He lives in Africa and owns Vivid Features Ltd. (with headquarters in Kenya and Nigeria), a production company that cooperates with CNN.


Nick Hughes was cameraman for over ten documentaries covering different aspects of the Genocide including: – Witness: ‘The Betrayal’. Channel Four UK – Panorama:’ The Bloody Tricolour’.BBC UK – News night: ‘Women who kill’. BBC UK; Director/Producer/Writer of the Feature Film, 100 DAYS. The first feature film about the Genocide of Rwanda. Shot in Rwanda, with Rwandan actors, producers, at actual sites of the Genocide in Kibuye, Rwanda.


Nick Hughes has been news cameraman during:-Genocide April, 1994 -Pacification 1995 -Camp clearance,Goma,Congo, 1997  -Congo war 1998- Channel Four Documentary Key Interviewee ‘The Hunger Business’. Aired UK 2000


Mr. Hughes General Professional Experience includes work as a Director on:IUCN – ‘Big Fish, Small Fry’. Documentary 1996 European Union – ‘Ndoto ya Daudi’. Drama 1993 – Minerva Vision – ‘Commission du film du var, Provence’, France


He has been cameraman on over 100 Documentaries and features for International Broadcasters:BBC,Channel Four Dispatches,BBC Panorama


Nick Hughes corporate experience includes:

Managing Director & Owner of Vivid Features Ltd., Nairobi, Kenya. Vivid Features is the foremost Facilities Company in East Africa and is privileged to manage, staff and equip the CNN bureau for East, Central and West Africa.  He was also Director of Minerva Vision, UK





Director’s statement:


“…the genocide is revisited through this picture with our crew embarking on  journey where they trace the relations to the victims in this picture.  The cameraman revisits and finds people he never knew, preserved only in this work, revealing the compelling and dramatic story of the death of someone’s daughter, someone’s father, and someone’s mother’s.


Nick Hughes who recorded the atrocious last moments of their life, reveals to the families for the first time the perpetrators – neighbors of theirs, people they knew too well.


The event startles memories and wrath as the survivors relive how people died on spots only marked by their vivid recollection and memory.

 As these families come together for the very first time to witness how their loved one’s died, memories emerge from the evident color of their clothing, small clues such as shoes and the people’s height, and from the crude implements used with astonishing speed and spirit to exterminate.”


Rwanda Film Festival just around the corner!! October 15, 2008

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Festival preparations!!

It has come to that time when the air in Emillienne and Pierre’s office changes quality. Morphing from its the thick plentiful quality, its has marked the beginning of what one would call Festival Mania. If not from the thinning air, these signs can be read on Emillienne’s face and on the wall covered with red markings (festival preparation notes) behind her desk.

There is alot of work that goes into preparing the Rwanda Film Festival, to give details would mean typing for a couple of days. There is also no doubt that it take several Red Bulls to get through a typical festival day(as explained by Emillienne)but like light to darkness, working on and attending the Film Festival is an amazing experience.  However, I will not spend any more time trying to convince any one of the MAGNIFICENCE of the RWANDA FILM FESTIVAL, but rather encourage every one to look it up and discover for themselves.  And also just to mention that we have now started selecting films to be featured in the festival…if you are a film maker or film lover check out the Rwanda Film Festival website for more information on entering your film or on the festival in general!!!

Til we meet in March!!!!


US Tour: More pics October 2, 2008

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Friends of RCC

Friends of RCC

Friends of Rwanda Cinema Center
Friends of Rwanda Cinema Centre

US Tour: more pics September 25, 2008

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NY lights

NY lights


US tour: Day 4

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Lucy singing

Lucy Woodword performing

Lucy Woodword

Lucy Woodword

Yesterday was spent going into electronic shops where we were hoping to
buy a new tape-less camera, I had some collegues from Rwanda as well who
are looking forward to upgrading their facilities, I had the task to help
out on this.
Also on the night of the 24th I had gone to a concert of one of the guests from Hollywood that RCC hosted few months ago, Lucy Woodward. She performed last night at Canal in the Canal Room, great ambiance! I met
Karim and Amy, Jon’s wife who invited me and treated me well (in a VIP club)!
Minister Joseph was meant to come along with me but he could not make
it. However, his is presence in NY and coming to the concert was announced by
the Singer and people cheered! wow, Rwanda was honored!


US tour: Day 3 September 24, 2008

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New York Life through Eric's eyes!

New York Life through Eric's eyes

Today the 23rd, I am meeting a prospective producer/ investor to help us launch the documentary film Iseta and also talk more on the comedy film I want to make, Dudu goes to the World Cup.
Later I have to meet with the Tribeca Film Institute and then attend Jon Turteltauba and Amy’s friend’s concert! So…

…keep tracking me!


US tour: day 2

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I am glad to let you know that on Monday, 22nd, the events that were scheduled went very well!

We met the 4 scholastic kids from Rwanda, the Minister of Culture Joseph Habineza, Jennifer, Dante and Nadine the kid’s chaperon at the Marriott Markis on Broadway for Breakfast. This was the start of the day!
As we talked, I introduced myself to Dante who had not yet gotten the video we made of the kids in Rwanda! To our relief, the video only came in by mid morning. It will be edited and presented at the Gorillas summit on Friday.

Off we went for our first meeting at the Essex hotel. We were introduced to Craig Hacktoff, Jennifer and Tom the father of the famous baby tigers! (For those who do not know this extraordinary story, check the web: baby tigers adopted by two dogs!) We all know cats and dogs do not mix, but this is an incredible story that can give the rest of mankind a lesson: We can mix and tender for one another as long as we give that bit of love and care we all have! Or so goes Tom’s story…

About ten of us crowded the room where Tom freed the 3 baby tigers from their cage! We were allowed to touch them, give them milk and experience the bond the tigers had with the dogs. What a treat! First time in my life to see a baby tiger live in a Hotel room too.Photos were taken and the kids from Rwanda had blast! When they turn twenty and tell their peers that they had a chat and a meeting with some tigers in a Hotel Room in NYC, none will believe them! This was an incredible encounter!

We spent about an hour with the tigers but one year from now, one would not even risk to put one of them in a room with someone. That would be too scary for any one to believe!

After the interaction with the tigers, our group went for lunch and had to prepare for our next meeting and encounter! Guess what, the Scholastic Kids of Rwanda met their counterparts from the USA to sign a declaration protecting mountain gorillas in the presence of the 42nd President of the most powerful nation on earth! Former President Bill Clinton!

Sweating, as we were about 9 people crammed in a small room,we waited to be ushered into the room where we would shake the hands with Clinton. But shaking hands was not part of my agenda. The Rwanda Cinema Centre and I had been among the team that facilitated the program of the Scholastic Kids,so not only did I have the responsibility of following the kids and be part of the delegation but to also record their special moments (with Jennifer Brunetti’s camera). So I had two photo cameras and one video Camera! In the end I think my presence with all these cameras was too noticeable so our friends from the Clinton Global Initiative kindly suggested that we do not video record the event but only have pictures of the former president taken! I agreed out of respect of this special territory! So like many photographers on TV and movies, I decided not to line up and shake hands with Clinton but rather walked behind him flashing away!

Too many pictures were taken of people shaking hands with the President. Minister Joe had a chat with him, and it was fun to see the kids from Rwanda have an interaction with him too and even ask questions! Still no video recordings however!
As some of you may recall, I have filmed Bill Clinton before for one of my haunting documentary films on the survivors’ account of the 1994 Genocide. The footage of Clinton is featured in a sequence of an under toned Mea Culpa! A very strong sequence.

Clinton is such an amazing orateur! He spoke with the kids on conservation and even on the current McCain and Obama campaign! It was interesting, one of the Scholastic kids from American came forward and to ask questions but forgot the content, a bit intimidated he had to go back. Clinton was kind enough walk up to the kid and request that he ask the question again.
“How bad or good is this campaign compared to the others?” the boy finally asked. This ended up being one of the best questions from the kids.
More photos were taken to the point we had to use a second Camera. (Peter from the BBC had given me his camera to take pictures of him with Bill Clinton!) It was fun and I was glad that I did not only get to meet Clinton again, but that I took so many pictures that some of his security guys whispered to me that it is enough! “Your flash is too strong,” they had told me.

Finally, the Scholastic Kids and I went to another event. Back to back, from one President to another. This time it was the President of the Republic of Rwanda in an event organized by the Macy’s Stores. Macy’s sells the famous Peace Baskets of Rwanda. These are known to be the best baskets, better than what Japan, China and other places are putting out on the market. Cecile Kayirebwa (famous Rwandan singer) performed at the event, speeches were made by the CEO of Macy’s followed by President Kagame… it was a great event!

Again, I was flashing away. Upon reaching my President and shaking his hand, he recognizing me and quietly asked how I was to, which I replied, “I am fine your Excellency.”

Having an interaction with 3 baby tigers in a New York Hotel with dogs taking care of them, meeting two Presidents in a day, watching an Opera in an open space on Broadway, what else can excite kids of 11 and 12 years old?  In a nutshell, this was too much for them! They were soon worn out! This however  it was all worth it as they were given five MacBook laptops by Craig Hacktoff the co-founder of Tribeca. Nadine, their chaperon got one too! A very welcomed ‘goodnight kiss’ for the kid’s last evening.


US Tour: update from Eric (day 1) September 22, 2008

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“I arrived in NYC yesterday and spent a day with Jennifer and Ted, the husband and the daughter of Sophia. We had a great day and discussion on the project of the Rwanda Cinema Centre and the Plans for BET to be able to come to Rwanda. This is all exciting! Afterwards I went home, I am staying in Rosevelt Ireland where Yamina and Serge offered me a room for the whole week!  Not hotels for $500 a night mind you which is great! I have this amazing view overlooking Manhattan. I was jet lagged and couldn’t sleep til 4am. I’m now busy working, ready to go see the Scholastic Kids from Rwanda, Minister Joseph, Dante and Jennifer, it is gonna be a busy day!
My Hosts are amazing! I am in good hands!”


RCC: US tour September 19, 2008

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CEO and founder of the RCC, Eric Kabera, will be touring the US from September to November this year.

Eric’s main aim on this tour will be to meet with potential partners and supporters of RCC and reinforce our relationship with the TRIBECA Film Institute.

RCC along with the TRIBECA Film Institute are working to create an exchange program which will enable Film students from Rwanda to visit the US and get a first hand experience the US film industry. Film students from the US will get the same opportunity in Rwanda.

Eric will be visiting universities that have shown an interest in RCC and Rwandan films namely; the University of Southern California (USC) and some universities in Michigan. He will be meeting up with groups from Hollywood to further develop our relationship and will be talking especially to comedy writer Edward Greenberg.

This tour will also serve to present our achievements and prospects to the interested parties. Our progress on the independent movies theatre will especially be presented to Philip and Monica Rosenthal, who helped materialize it from a simple idea.In addition, Eric will be meeting with the manufacturers of inflatable screens in Utah to discuss and further explore the use of this technology.

Upon the success of Eric’s tour to the US, we hope to officially launch film classes at the first film institute in Rwanda (Rwanda Film Institute) by next year. We hope to have updated a yearly calendar and to have recruited mentors to kick-start this phenomenon.

Finally we hope to have introduced, to potential producers, our first comedy feature called CBB.(formerly under the title ‘Dodou Goes to the World Cup‘)

If any of this has inspired or even made you a tiny bit curious, please get in touch by leaving a comment or by contacting Eric himself on

If you are producer and are interested in Comedy from Rwanda, Eric would be over the hills if you were to contact him or better yet meet up with him on tour.

Here are some dates and locations for those interested:
New York (20th – 28th September, 22nd and 27th October,7th – 8th November)
Michigan (28th September – 3rd October)
Los Angeles (4th – 11th and 14th – 22nd October)
Utah (11th – 14th October)
Boston (22nd – 26th October)
Atlanta (27th – 31st October)
Washington (1st – 6th October)


Check out my Slide Show! October 23, 2008

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Check out my Slide Show!

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I JUST attended this high profile fundraising event honoring Kirk Douglas as the Ambassadors for Humanity, This was part of the Shoah foundation Fundraising Night of which I am part of the Rwanda team to record the testimonies of the Genocide survivors.
Steven Spielberg handed over the Award to Kirk- and Bill Christal as the MC, it is impressive to see our students video recording of the testimonies be viewed by hundreds of high profile dignitaries in the movie business.

I think the booking space/sit for one person for the Gala Fundraising was done months before Yet, I came into Los Angeles last week and was  lucky to be in town and kindly was invited to attend this High Profile Celebration of Kirk and also an event to announce Rwanda project/Shoah partnership. we would continue to offer our part taking in recording these important testimonies/ in the project for Rwanda and mankind!

With Iseta coming out, this would be an amazing launch of this collaboration as part of this visual history.
We keep you posted.

Check out my Slide Show! October 21, 2008

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Check out my Slide Show!

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Check out my Slide Show!

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Check out my Slide Show!

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