Rwanda Cinema Centre

Empowering the youth through film

Rwanda Cinema Center: The hub of creativity September 17, 2008

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Behold the Rwandan film industry!!!

Youthful faces, eager minds and the saying, “you learn as you do” reflect the attitude and atmosphere at the Rwanda Cinema Center(RCC). This is no doubt the birth place of Hillywood, an industry which until recently had only existed in minds such as that of Eric Kabera’s.

A near empty office (which is often the case) only means the masters are busy at work, and subsequently so are their eager apprentices. However on days when God decides to spare a miracle, RCC hosts a population of creatives.

Roaming the foyer and staircase of the Gaculiro Estate are both old folk and young, bound by their love for film and fuelled by desire to be respected artists (it’s a catalog of poets, writers, singers, actors, beauty queens and some other undiscovered talents), RCC is more like a refugee camp for artists, but to match the tone of the Country’s vision for the year 2020; it’s the hub of creativity.


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