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The final Cut: Joselyne September 18, 2008

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Joselyne at work

Joselyne at work

Another busy day at RCC.

The World of film is a demanding one, but its demands are like caresses to the passionate.

So far we’ve learnt that film is a form of expression, and that one can not merely create a film for the sake of creating a film. According to Jacques, no film communicates nothingness(in summary). There is always a message, although not always obvious. Jacques will also lecture you (if you manage to get yourself caught between the foyer and his office) on the basics of becoming a good filmmaker: hard work, intelligence and more hard work!

Therefore this post is dedicated to the multitalented Joselyne.This young editor seems to have been romancing the screens in our editing suit for a whole week. Even a hot plate of food (by our in-house chefs) isn’t enough temptation away from her beloved Final Cut Pro.

She’s been working on a couple of things to date including a short montage for the ‘Peace Basket’ project, showing the impact of local basket weaving on the lives of Rwandan women, and she’s been finishing off a short documentary on the collaboration of Hillywood and Hollywood. Hopefully we’ll find a way to post some of her work. Courage Joselyne!!!

Beyond that, we were graced with the presence of a young talented lady called Ange.
Ange, with her pill of A4 papers, had come to present Jacques her impressively typed story. Written as if for theatre, Ange needed help developing her story into a script for film, Jacques and Ayuub manged to see her through. Extremely talented Ange was, as we all discovered, with no formal training and no information, RCC was the first thing on her mind.

Its so exciting to know that Rwanda has such raw artistic talent, yet sad to know that most of it has not yet been realized or given due respect. We definitely need change!!!!