Rwanda Cinema Centre

Empowering the youth through film

US Tour: update from Eric (day 1) September 22, 2008

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“I arrived in NYC yesterday and spent a day with Jennifer and Ted, the husband and the daughter of Sophia. We had a great day and discussion on the project of the Rwanda Cinema Centre and the Plans for BET to be able to come to Rwanda. This is all exciting! Afterwards I went home, I am staying in Rosevelt Ireland where Yamina and Serge offered me a room for the whole week!  Not hotels for $500 a night mind you which is great! I have this amazing view overlooking Manhattan. I was jet lagged and couldn’t sleep til 4am. I’m now busy working, ready to go see the Scholastic Kids from Rwanda, Minister Joseph, Dante and Jennifer, it is gonna be a busy day!
My Hosts are amazing! I am in good hands!”


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