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Rwanda Film Festival just around the corner!! October 15, 2008

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Festival preparations!!

It has come to that time when the air in Emillienne and Pierre’s office changes quality. Morphing from its the thick plentiful quality, its has marked the beginning of what one would call Festival Mania. If not from the thinning air, these signs can be read on Emillienne’s face and on the wall covered with red markings (festival preparation notes) behind her desk.

There is alot of work that goes into preparing the Rwanda Film Festival, to give details would mean typing for a couple of days. There is also no doubt that it take several Red Bulls to get through a typical festival day(as explained by Emillienne)but like light to darkness, working on and attending the Film Festival is an amazing experience.  However, I will not spend any more time trying to convince any one of the MAGNIFICENCE of the RWANDA FILM FESTIVAL, but rather encourage every one to look it up and discover for themselves.  And also just to mention that we have now started selecting films to be featured in the festival…if you are a film maker or film lover check out the Rwanda Film Festival website for more information on entering your film or on the festival in general!!!

Til we meet in March!!!!


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